The Corporate and Commercial Practice

Premier Attorneys is a medium   sized law firm that provides legal services in the United Republic of Tanzania.

As corporate lawyers we provide advice and services among others on the following areas:

  • Public Listing of Companies;
  • Mining Utilities Law;
  • Advice on the structuring of commercial transactions;
  • Joint Ventures partnership and management contracts;
  • Land Law, Conveyance and Mortgage profiling;
  • Advice on the selection of the most appropriate entity for transactions ;
  • Formation of companies ,corporations, partnerships and other commercial entities;
  • Formation and use of business trusts;
  • Immigration;
  • Acquisition and mergers
  • Preparation and  Facilitation of debenture;
  • Investment advice as per Tanzania Investment Laws;
  • Bankruptcy, Composition and Arrangements;
  • Arbitration and Mediation (National and International).
  • Receivership, winding up and liquidation;

Reaching The Stars For Our Clients

Advice on Corporate solvency such as scheme of arrangement, voluntary arrangement etc.