Labour Law

Premier Attorneys is a medium   sized law firm that provides legal services in the United Republic of Tanzania.

We offer a comprehensive range of professional services to our corporate client base nationwide. Areas of specialization include:

  • Labour litigation;
  • Drafting agreements and contracts of employment
  • Drafting agreements and contracts for employment
  • Advice on the labour implications such as employment outsourcing.
  • Advice on retrenchment and rationalization;
  • Advice on alternative means of dispute resolution including mediations and arbitration, and the formulation of strategies in respect of strikes, lock-outs and other forms of industrial action;
  • Institution of proceedings in the labour institutions ;
  • Advice on unfair labour practices;

Advise on statutorily based employment conditions and minimum standards

Reaching The Stars For Our Clients

Our law firm is also specialized in alternative dispute resolution i.e negotiations, mediation and arbitration especially for commercial and employment disputes.